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Site Analysis – Writtle Green

As part of a CAD module, we were asked to analyse Writtle Green, looking at the: history and context of the site, the topography, geology, climate, ecology, hydrology, buildings, circulation and roads in order to find a site for a Jubilee Garden in keeping with the conservation status.

In order to analyse the site a combination of methods and computer software were used. First an in-depth site visit and survey was completed. Research was compiled from old records, libraries and internet sources as well as a full GIS based research and evaluation.

The final survey presentation was put together using In Design, GIS and CAD.

Writtle Green Jubilee Garden Design

As part of our 3DMax work we were asked to design a garden area within Writtle Green and create a 3D model using CAD. This was further rendered in 3DMax and a video walk through created.