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Land art project

Snow mounds

I saw this video and was inspired! I love how a landscape can still be designed and have design even in the winter months!

Richard Shilling

Another land artist – he works ephemerally and started off by studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy but has now found a unique style I think and his works are beautiful!


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Public Art « MadSilence



Public Art « MadSilence.


The epemeral ice art of Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo.

Development sculptures

These are some earlier development sculptures I created away from the site to look at different materials and how to work with them.

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natural architecture – an emerging art movement that is exploring mankind’s desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment.

Some amazing pieces – very inspiring!

This is magical!

natural architecture – an emerging art movement that is exploring mankind’s desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment..

Peter Randall-Page: Womb Tomb – Image 2 | BRITISH SCULPTURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY

A sculpture Website – interesting work!

Peter Randall-Page: Womb Tomb – Image 2 | BRITISH SCULPTURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

Land art

A good website


switzerland – Grindlewalt – land art

On Holiday in Switzerland, Grindelwald – 2008 we came across a land art festival down by the river – it is an international festival of land artists from around the world. There is a Land Art festival in Grindlewald every year!


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My own land art! @ Writtle Green

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I spent the day creating land art pieces at Writtle pond. It was great conditions today, sunshine and frost – meaning icy pond! The ducks were skating across the top making an eerie noise. There were so many people feeding the ducks and throughout the day their movement broke up a lot of the ice. Two ducks were circling the middle island – breaking up the ice as they went – or perhaps having a race!
I used my pen knife to cut out a circle of ice watched by the ducks and the many passers-by – who all looked oddly at the woman in wellies cutting into an ice pond with a pen knife. I used the first ice circle for a sculpture in the trees – the willows around the pond have beautiful branches which are perfect for shaping and bending. I created a holdal for the ice circle.
The next pieces of ice were cut and positioned carefully on the frozen lake – I got in the pond and held the ice in position until it stuck to the ice sheet layer on top of the pond. Whilst creating this sculpture two teenagers were busy ripping off the branch and throwing the ice of my previous sculpture. I had finished photographing it so it was fine. I finished photographing the circles and they fell over on the ice – I used them in the V of the willow tree, the rest I tied into the branches of the willow. The sun shining through the ice made it sparkle. I like the willow sculptures they remind me of dream catchers. The next sculpture is berries (crab apples – or similar) picked and placed in a hole where a circle of ice used to be. Behind it is the circle of ice.
The inspiration for all the ice sculptures is global warming – how the ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising – the ice in the sculpture will melt and cause a puddle. Martin Hill (land artist) bases his work around cyclical flows – how everything in nature is a cycle and so should we be! Our buisness’ and existence.

Writtle Green, the site of the land art

We have to create a piece of land art that works with the topography of the land on Writtle Green.

Site photos:

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Martin Hill

I have chosen a land artist for landscape history assignment – Martin Hill, he works ephemerally which is a style I have been following and have admired for a long time. I love the fact that the sculpture or land art comes from natural surroundings – is born from the ground and returns to the ground. It can be experienced through photography but is finite in its lifespan.

Martin has created a range of sculptures and works of art using found objects such as leaves and twigs and has used ice and pebbles in very creative ways.

I have been following his work for a few years, however cannot find much information on how he starts projects. I am going to write to him and see if I can find out more.

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Andy Goldsworthy

I have been interested in Andy Goldsworthy since I was at high school. One of my favourite pieces of his is ‘The Wall’, I like the serpentine shape and I love how it wraps around the trees snaking around like a river.

Ephemeral Art


” Their materials they use are natural and as such are subject to decay, and the artworks are to a
large degree indivisible from the landscape upon which they are made. Earth art
therefore eschews the gallery space, and generally relies on remote, unspoiled
tracts of land that are challenging, if not impossible, for the arts patron to

All installation art share the idea that an artwork is not an object
in the gallery but something that extends the given space; in the beginning
transforming interior spaces and with land art, transforming open spaces.
Ephemeral artworks are designed for spectator involvement.
Andy Goldsworthy  combines the land art with ephemeral, making the open space a park gallery where
the spectators become temporary and the objects of natural and found materials
draw out the character of the environment, be it for good or until its natural

Land Artist Research – Martin Hill

I am particualary interested in ephemeral art and environmental art – where the artist takes from the land and the structure returns to the land. I like the idea that the piece has a story and especially if it gives a message. Ephemeral artists use photography to document works and this in itself becomes a piece of art.

For two years I have followed the work of Martin Hill, I bought his book and was really interested in the way he and his wife create sculptures in the landscape.


Autumn Leaf Circle

Driftwood Sphere

Kanuka Sphere

Mountain Stone Circle

Stone Circle

Yellow Leaf Circle

Land Artists Research Alan Sonfist

Alan Sonfist promotes sustainable energy within his projects and is trying to raise awareness on climate change. I think designing with these intentions must be challenging and very interesting.

The silhouette of the endangered leaves are cut into the metal and show an image of permanence that is not reflected in the natural world around us.


Land artists research Bill Vazan

Bill Vazan

Internationally renowned for his Land Art creations, Vazan has spent more than forty years investigating the human-cosmos relationship through his Land Art, sculpture, painting and photography. Working at major sites of cultural and historical significance around the world, and drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including current scientific thought, Vazan has evolved a personal cosmology. Impressive in scope, mathematically precise in execution, and visually arresting, Vazan’s works are the product of a curious mind probing the universe.


I like how Bill has used photographs to create an art piece and I especially like the composition of the visual sphere – double spiral.


Gilles Arbour Bilingual Blog – Français/English | A personal blog about Nature, Art, Science, Music, Life etc..

I found this blog whilst serching for landart, I really like the projects created, especially the shaddow of the tree by the artist Roxane et Marie-Jo.

Her work and the work above was shown at the Land art Mont – St – Hilaire 2009


Land Art



Land Art for Kids: In the Woods – http://landartforkids.com/section345249.html













land art environnemental


land art environnemental.