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Rose and Crown

Model Final Design Features

This is the Presentation Model of the Site.

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Essex Pubs

On my travels I have been taking pictures of all the Essex pubs in the area.

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A link to my reseach –

The Essex Pub



The site has a dominent feature of a stable wall, from this lines were drawn out across the site in order to place certain features. The wall is an ‘L’ shape and so this shape follows into planters and seating. The playground equipment for children is also in an L shape and follows the lines from the stable.

A piece like this or a similiar item will be installed in the children’s area of the garden.

http://www.playcareadventureplay.co.uk/playground.php?id=26&n=Low Level Three Tower Play Unit


In order to know how big an area to leave for deliveries I had to find the width of a lorry!

  • 44 tonnes for lorries with 6 axles; drive axle(s) must not exceed 10500kg and have road friendly suspension OR have a maximum axle weight not exceeding 8500kg. Each part of the combination must have 3 axles and the trailer must have road friendly suspension. Additionally, an engine complying with at least Euro 2 specification (or gas) is needed for operation over 41000kg.
  • 40 tonnes for lorries with 5 axles with maximum axle weight limit of 11.5 tonnes


  • 12 metres for a rigid vehicle
  • 16.5 metres for an articulated vehicle if the articulated combination can turn within a concentric radii of 12.5 metres and 5.3 metres; otherwise 15.5 metres
  • 18.75 metres for a road train (a combination of a lorry and a trailer)


  • 2.55 metres excluding driving mirrors
  • refrigerated vehicles are permitted to be 2.6 metres wide to allow for the extra thickness of the insulation


  • no limit, but wherever possible a maximum of 4.95 metres should be adhered to in order to make maximum use of the motorway and trunk road network


Planting on the site

This link takes you to the planting themes for the site.

planting elevations

In the courtyard – architectural plantings – reds, oranges yellows – to work with the colour of the brick work in the planters and the walls. It will also give this area a warmth.

In the upper garden area – Apple trees will be planted which links to the history of the site – as it used to be an orchard.

the lower portion of the garden is shaded throughout most of the day due to heavy planting in neighbouring gardens. I have proposed planting of shade loving plants like Fatsia and Ferns as these will create a feature with their beautiful forms.

through reseaching plants I found an Essex Rose and thought it would be great to have it at the ‘Rose and Crown!’ It is a ground cover planting so I am going to plant it in the carpark area by the tree – so clients will see it when they enter.

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The planting will mainly be shrubs as these take much less maintenance and the owners have no time  to garden.

The two mature trees on site I tried to incorporate into the design as they are both heathly.


Lighting – The lighting will be in the stable block itself which will be built using the old Essex stable design – so the lighting needs to be in character with this – the courtyard and the temporary bar also need lighting.


TV outside – There will be a place for the TV in the stable undercover. The there will be space for people to watch inside and looking in from the outside.


Materials on site

Paving area (stable courtyard) – I reseached into cobbles and red brick to be in keeping with the history of the site – but the function of the courtyard is outside eating and it will have a lot of pedestrian traffic so actually sandstone slabs may be better.


Car park surface – gravel finish  – by spraying hot bitumen emulsion and applying 6mm or 10mm gravel.

This surface can be applied to sub base stone or on to new or original tarmac or concrete surfaces suitable for drives, roads and car parks.


Raised planters – made from reclaimed red brick – to be in keeping with the stable wall.

The two walls linking the courtyard to the garden and the carpark to the garden will also be made out of reclaimed brick.



Tables –  The table below will be for the Courtyard stabel area. It has a rustic feel – the wrought iron reminds me of horse equipment that would have been used when the stable was opperational. The table is made from teak and is named a bistro set after the small French restaurants at which they first appeared. The chairs are foldable so if the area needs to be used for another purpose they can be easilly stored. 


Stable – This is how the stable should look – the woodwork – with a red brick wall around.

Parasoles –

Heaters –

Planters- raised planters made from red brick.

Seating – Wooden seating to match the wood used in the stable area.

Picnic tables –

Hog roast –

Smoking shelter – As the Rose and Crown has many old barrels outside already – I found a smoking table which will fit with the existing charm of the place.


Final Design

follow this link to the final design of the space!

Presentation PLan


Working designs

I made a 1:200 model to help me to look at the spaces and organise them.


I also did sketch designs in my sketch book.



Tables in stable area

The stable wall is a dominent feature of the site – it cuts across the areas and could become a real feature. The stable is going to be a courtyardeating area. The design of this area is going to work along a grid pattern. I have taken the lines out from the stable walls to create a grid and the tables and planters will be cited along this grid.

The tables need to have enough room around them to enable food delivery – but need to be close enough to create an atmosphere of a dining area and of closeness.


Possible designs

After completing the site schematics which helped me to realise the spaces and specific areas I drew out possible designs for the site.

First I had to research the size of a parking space.


The redesign will have parking spaces 2.4m by 5m and a 6m gap turning space.

Car Park Design

The clients specified that they would like more car parking spaces. The current car park does not function well at certain times of the day – the turning space is  narrow causing some cars to have to back out all the way to the road, which is dangerous. By increasing the space you can increase the parking spaces but also can make the car park more functional.


Site-adjusted functional diagrams

In order to look at different opportunities of the site I drew several schematics of the spaces within the site – this helped to look at how patrons/people  will access and use the spaces.

I considered the client brief and the current flow on the site as well as the different requirements of the site.

This is the key to the functional diagrams:

There were good and bad points to each layout – I think keeping the parking and access away from the pub and the entrance is good – however having far away will cause a long road into the car parking and take up garden space. The placement of the children’s area was important as it was best not to be in front of the temporary bar or the marquee and also in a place where the children can be watched but also feel secure enough to freely play. The Eating areas need to fairly close to the kitchen as the waiting staff will have to walk too far – and clients will have to walk a distance to order.
The garden area suits a family zone with the benches and grass. The current storage area has sun for a big portion of the day and could be a hotspot so it would be good to utilise this.

Site Inventory, Analysis and Apprailsal

Initial Site Inventory of the site –

Below is an inventory of the area – the green space, the restuarants, parking areas and traffic.

I then split the site into four zones to carry out a more indepth analysis.

The four zones are:

Zone 1 – The car park

Zone 2 – The Garden area

Zone 3 – The Stable area

Zone 4 – The area directly around the pub and stable – which includes the storage area, the smoking area and the private spaces

My findings –

Follow this link to my Site Inventory anaylisis and Appraisal

Ideal Schematic

This is my ideal schematic for a Pub and garden area.

Client Brief – Rose and Crown

Client Design Brief

Clients: Rose and Crown Public House, 57 The Green, Writtle, Chelmsford, CM1 3DT

To design a beer garden for the ‘Rose and Crown Public House’, Writtle.


  •  To allow for a wide variety of entertainments
  • To allow for standard food and beverage service
  • A space for delivery of goods
  • To consider the building and stable wall which are Grade Two listed within the design
  • A large shed or storage facility
  • To keep the marquee – however it can be moved to another area
  • To maintain the current size of garden or decrease its size
  • To hold approx 150 clients on a series of benches (currently 20 benches)
  • To create a low maintenance design
  • To create a space for all possible users – students, parents, visitors, locals, dogs, smokers, children, families, cyclists



  •  A cycle rack with a space for mopeds
  • To incorporate a sheltered seating area to the rear of the building (difficult as it is listed)
  • To incorporate a temporary bar area into the design for summer months.
  • To incorporate a temporary spit roast and BBQ area for summer months and key events.
  • A large parking area




Style: in keeping with the buildings and respectful of the Grade Two Listing

Mood: traditional English beer garden, in keeping with building and surrounding area

Plants: lawn and low maintenance planting

Colours: The building is cream/white and the hanging baskets display a range of colours – reds, pinks, yellows etc.

Materials: non-slip, low maintenance, in keeping with the property

Rose and Crown – further pictures

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More pictures of site!


The Rose and Crown



Research into beer gardens and pub gardens

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What makes the ideal pub garden?

What features do you need to include in the design?

What feel do you want to create?


A new site!!

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The Rose and Crown in Writtle.

A design for a beer garden and parking area.