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Special Topics – Zoo

How Can You Design for a Balance Between Animal Welfare and Enrichment Compared to Human Enjoyment of Zoos?

Zoo essay written as part of special topics module.

Zoo questions:

Possible questions for the paper:

How can landscape architects design zoos to enrich both the animal’s lives and the visitor’s enjoyment?

How can landscape architects help in the design of zoos to enable maximum visitor enjoyment and security and enjoyment of animals?

How can you create a balanced zoo design to enrich both the animals lives and humans enjoyment?

How can you create a zoo design which balances animal enrichment against humans enjoyment?

Are zoo’s masterplan concepts adapted when changes occur in routes and enclosures or are they flexible enough to allow for  change?


Zoo Design Project

New Module for MALA – Special Topics

The Special Topics Module aims to provide additional project and research opportunities for students in Landscape
Architecture Courses. Students will work with designated faculty where mutual interests and expertise are available. Examples include a
research paper shared with a faculty member, pursuing a branch of research in addition to and complimentary with the
students’ research, an internal project proposed by one of the centres, or further and more specialised study as a
continuation of a module. Independent study is optional, and will be possible where special interests of the student
parallel the interests of faculty, School of Design and/or the Centres of Innovation.
Special Topics may also take the form of a seminar or taught module where students interact and present selected topics
in addition the written submission.

We were presented with a series of possible topics and I chose to follow my own line of inquiry as I am very interested in Zoo design.

I am researching the design of not only the enclosures but the overall masterplan of a zoo site and how they adapt and develop on from this when new species arrive and new enclosures are built. I have many interesting questions and much research to gather.